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I’m in the mood for a really, really RANDOM Master and Commander picspam. ♥


I swear to goodness, I’m reading Desolation Island, and this title is so apt. An upset Stephen is just the worst thing ever. When Jack’s upset, the book will take on a certain melancholia, as pervasive and ephemeral as fog, but when Stephen is upset, the words crush sharply against your very heart.


So about a week ago or so, I’ve reached 2k followers and I kinda told myself to make an art giveaway as a thank you If it was ever to happen so here it is!

It’s my first give-away so I’ve decided to keep it small :’) If this one is successful I will surely do more and on a larger scale!

How to enter:

- You must be my follower!
- You have to like or/and reblog this post (you can only reblog once or.. not reblog at all, I don’t mind!)
- Be a citizen of Earth! (yes, I will ship worldwide!)
- That’s it!

On 1st of February I will pick 1 winner via random org and post the result here on tumblr. The winner will also be contacted and If they don’t reply within 2 weeks I will have to pick another winner.

Good luck!!




Here are all 9 pieces from my first thesis project!

At the beginning of the semester, I read folktales from around the world and sought out interesting imagery and characters to develop into 9 full page illustrations. As I made each illustration, I did a ton of research into the clothing, symbols, patterns, and other related imagery from the each story’s culture.

I am fascinated by old stories and how they have been passed down and shaped future stories. I learned a lot from this project, but I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface! There is so much more to these unique cultures, and I’ll continue to draw inspiration from them.

For each individually, and some process sketches see the links below:

The Fisherman and the Gruagach of Tricks (Ireland)

The Giant Who Had no Heart In His Body (Norway)

The Firebird and the Horse of Power (Russia)

Sinbad and the Seven Voyages (Middle East)

The Magic Brocade (China)

Urashima (Japan)

Hats to Disappear With (Korea)

The Search for the Magic Lake ( Ecuador)

Oni and the Great Bird (West Africa, Yoruba Tribe)

All are available as prints on my inprnt!

Thank you everyone for your support over the past year! Here’s to a great 2014!

These are all amazing.


Paris 1914 

Beautiful color images of Paris, from a century ago, serve as a record of how much some things have changed while others have remained the same.




Art by Geoff Hunt marine and cover artist, best known for his covers for C.S. Forester’s “Hornblower” and Patrick O’Brian’s “Master and Commander” novels.


Some nice gifs of the Master of ships